General doubt about hacking

hello guys
please help
see the picture

i have a desktop and a laptop in the same network with same wifi
1.can i hack my laptop with my desktop installed kali linux in desktop or do i have any other best practices apart from kali linux.
2.can i practice all hacking methods learned from stationx from my desktop to my laptop
3.i got error in beef while i was practicing desktop to laptop


  1. Yes you can hack from your desktop to your laptop. It might take a while considering modern endpoint protection is extremely good against a lot of normal intrusions. You might want to turn off Windows Defender on the other machine. I don’t understand the question on best practices; ideally it would be better if you practice between virtual machines but this will also work.

  2. Yes you can, make sure you work only on the internal IP addresses and don’t route anything through the public IP address. A good practice would be to join a VLAN with no access to the internet.

  3. Error in beef? I have no clue what that means, you need to elaborate.

Hope this helps!

thank you
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