General IT to Cybersecurity

Hello Everyone,

I just want to ask to fellow stationX members if how would I transition from my current experience as IT support then become datacenter technician to cyber security.

I dont have any background in security at all but it looks like it would be difficult to step on my foot to cybersecurity. I am taking complete course for cyber security now. I am in Japan and doesnt have much opportunity for security role. any advise on how to transition from general IT to cyber security.
i passed a ceh certification but still I cannot even get an interview.

What can I add in my resume after completing the complete cybersecurity course?

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Hi Jun,

You will have a basic idea of security while following the complete cybersecurity course. You have to do projects and showcase it on your profile to let recruiters know what you can do.

You can read blogs on how to start a career in cybersecurity. Nathan wrote this blog
Some other useful blogs are and

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