General Question About VPN Software


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I’m still fairly new to Cyber Security so apologies if my questions are somewhat basic.

My employer provides me with some VPN software that I can log into the corporate network with when I work from home or on a client site or even a Costa forexample.

I get that this VPN “tunnel” is encrypted and that any data accessed or sent from A to B is safe (please anyone correct me if I’m wrong).

My youngest daughter uses a piece of software called “Hola” which has settings that allows her to appear as if she is accessing or present in a location other than where she actually is - forexample she can make out at the press of a button she is accessing the internet from the U.S. as oppose to the UK. The site she happens to be accessing is a movie/film site that without Hola she would not be able to access.

So I guess my question is that even though Hola is classed as VPN software it is very different to the VPN software my employer provides me with as it has different functiionality?

Hola seems to provide you with amongst other things anonymity as opposed to vpn software from my employer which doesn’t and also if I tried to access this movie site my daughter uses using my employers vpn software I wouldn’t get access.

Thanks for any replies in advance.

I have not really heard much about Hola, but what I have seen has not been positive. See this link:

I use Windscribe, and have been pleased with it. Had been using the free version to test, but when they offered .99 / month for 20 months, I went paid.

Another recommendation for Windscribe. It is simple to use, so far has good track record and doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. After 1 year of use for cheap (I managed to grab a HumbleBundle package of bunch of software + Windscribe all for 12$) I paid for another 3 years.
They also have a dedicated servers for UK and US for Netflix that seem to be forking fine.

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  • NSA and ISP- The NSA agency’s surveillance reach about almost every transmission taking place through the web. Though VPN does not provide complete security of the data being transmitted or downloaded but it still provides some amount of assurance to the user that his/her data would be less directly traceable. Since ISPs have to carry a lot of traffic; they take out quite a good amount of customer information from big companies like Google and Facebook. This can be lessened with the use of VPN.As crazy as it sounds… a person can save money while shopping online by changing the VPN methodically! The price of an item may differ according to the country. You can switch the VPN servers till you find the lowest price of the item! Well, now you know how to buy smart! Did you know that your private conversations could be heard by a third party without your consent? Not appreciated right? VOIP apps don’t come with encryption feature. Well, VPN can deal with such stuff quite easily and allows you to talk to your loved ones freely.