Getting an error when doing kioptrix level 4

I get the following error when I follow along with the video.

[E] Server doesn’t allow session using username ‘’, password ‘’. Aborting remainder of tests.

I have tried using different options from enum4linux but I keep getting the same error.

I have looked around in metasploit to attack the machine through that but whenever I attack the machine I get the following statement with no shell;
Exploit completed, but no sessions created.

What can I do?

Hey Helmi,

The new version of enum4linux has this issue.Check out this workaround I found.

Go to /etc/samba/smb.conf and add this line under global settings:

client min protocol = NT1


Hi Jesse, I had the same issue with enum4linux. Once I made that config change, everything worked great!!! Thank you for all that you do!!!

Please tell another method not working for me :frowning:

A good alternative to enum4linux that you can try is Nullinux GitHub - m8r0wn/nullinux: Internal penetration testing tool for Linux that can be used to enumerate OS information, domain information, shares, directories, and users through SMB.