Google drive Kali linux 2020

Dear All,

Im on the Hands on Penetration Testing Labs 1.0

Can anyone please tell me how to get to the google drive to download the Kali Linux 2020? Chapter 3 Bonus lab

Thank you in advance

Hello Goodie25,
You can download it using following link.

Sithum Abeydheera.

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Hi @goodie25, You can also download this custom Kali 2020 The original Kali 2020 is missing lots of programs needed for hacking, and even the ones installed, some are not configured properly, so please try this custom version that works perfectly with most of the security courses.


This one is 3.2 GB, while the one I downloaded on Thursday is 8.4 GB. Quite a difference! Should I be worried about this?

I think the 8 GB one has more tools installed on it for that particular course. You can use either of the two. I have not tested the 8 GB one so I can’t say much about it.