Hacking a windows10 [solved]

when i’m going to look for my file it is not in /var/lib/veil-evasion/output/compiled/

if I want it to find it I have to type /usr/share/veil-output/compiled, I don’t know if this has something to do that when I run the virtual windows cannot find in Microsoft Edge the ip of my kali that I guess should be the same than my windows as both are in the same virtualbox, right?

and the service apache2 has started correctly

any suggestion, please?

This doesn’t matter at all, the path can be different depending on the libraries and the installer, the good thing is Veil tells you where the backdoor is, so it doesn’t matter where it saves it.

Don’t worry about this as long as the backdoor works… Do you have another issue with the IPs, if so then can I see the result of ifconfig in Kali and ipconfig in Windows.

Hi, thanks a million, it works!