Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 1.0 Kioptrix 1 eth0 problem


I downloaded Kioptrix 1 machine from instructor provided link. Imported VM to Virtualbox without any problems. Set network adapter to Host-only Adapter and started VM. When the VM is booting up, it hangs a bit on part where it is supposed to start eth0. It timeouts and continues booting. When it is finally booted, VM is running, but without any network. How can I hack a machine if it doesn’t have IP address?? Using Virtualbox v. Cannot continue course with broken VM :frowning:

Any help?

Are you on a Mac? If yes, then disable the sound driver while importing the machine. For other machines, try changing the network adaptors. You can access the VM on Bridged mode also, try that. Also, update to the latest version of the virtual box if not already. I personally hate virtual box. If you don’t use Mac, then I would suggest you start using VMWare Player

I use Windows. Tried changing NIC settings to basic NAT and Host-only Adapter. No change. VirtualBox and Extension Pack are both up to date.It’s a real shame that I have to change VM player to get on with course… well, I’ll try VMware and report if that helps.

edit: cannot import .ova files to VMware workstation player.

You can download the VMWare version from this website: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/kioptrix-level-1-1,22/

Also, it is usually something wrong with your system that you are facing such networking issues with virtual box. We haven’t received any such issues before