Hard Disk Security

I heard about Information being left on your Hard Drive even though it is delated, This I found could be corrected by using a program which erases free space on the Hard Drive or writes over the free space with zeros. Then I found out that if you have an SSD type Hard Drive there are problems to this as it is supposed to wear down the life of the Hard Drive. (For a journey in a foreign country I removed my SSD drive and replaced with a cloned copy on a SATA Drive… and for some reason could not connect with the surf stick I bought to read my mail !!! )

So apart from changing my Hard Drive physically, is there any way to erase deleted information on a SSD Drive, or securing it?

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Have you seen Volume 4 (Secure Deleting, Evidence Elimination and Anti-Forensics)? I have a whole lecture dedicated to this question. The answer is yes you can with the right tools.

Thanks for the Answer,
No I am nearly finished with Vol 1, but will look that one up.
Are there also Handbooks for the other Volumes like in Vol 1 ?
I think they are a great compliment to the courses, would be
very good as Reference…

I wish there were but I haven’t created them. Demand for accompanying books are actually low so I didn’t bother as most people aren’t too bothered!