Hardware Encrypted SSD on Linux

Hi Nathan,

I have a SSD that also supports hardware encryption (Samsung EVO Plus 970). But this encryption is turned off now, and can only be activated in Windows using a Samsung Tool (Magician). I mostly use Ubuntu.

Do you think I could enable the hardware encryption in Win once, and then be able to keep using everything as is (without data loss), and even use the hardware encrypted when using Linux?

I don’t think anyone can answer this unless they have tried it themselves. You can Google and see if you get any discussions on some forums about this. Or you can directly try it out yourself.

I don’t want to lose my data.

I have searched, but can’t find anything. Could you ask Nathan about this, please?

Already asked before answering your first question. That is why I said unless someone actually uses it, they will not know the answer to that. Everyone will just speculate as to what it can be. This is why you have to try by yourself

Thank you anyway!

I managed to enable hardware full-disk encryption on this Samsung SSD, without deleting anything on it! I used the tool SEDutil-cli!