Having trouble saving settings in Kali - Mac

I am unable to change my processor setting from 1 to 2 or more. Furthermore, in Network with regards to changing Nat Network, I am unable to save those changes too.
Any advice and help would be appreciated.

What issues are you facing while changing the processor cores? You will not be able to change it when the OS in the VM is running.

So I was going through the initial steps for installing and setting up Kali for Introduction to Python and Ethical Hacking course. However I am not able to save any of the settings in Kali shown by the Instructor. As all the ‘save changes’ or ‘ok’ button are greyed out!

Apparently the new MacBook with M1 chip don’t support Intel Virtualisation technology. That’s why I was having that issue.

Yes, the M1 doesn’t support many x86 based architecture. But you can install and based Kali. I think it is there on their website