Hello it's Alex

Hi Alex here, I just created my forum account, I’m the perfect extrovert, I wanted to take initiative and make a forum post exercising my privilege of using these forums. I have a nack with computers, I haven’t decided what job I want to work towards with internet security. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been really smart in finding loop holes in life, I feel perfectly at home here.

I started coding html and I have a brief basic knowledge of it, I’m sure i’ll have time to go back and learn some more but for now I’m starting with the Complete Cyber Security Course. I don’t care much about the news or watching tv, it’s really only computers that interest me. I am good at navigating around computers, I managed to set up a centos in my virtual box on my mac book. Which versions of linux should I have installed for security usage? Thanks, I plan to remain active on these forums. Alex

Hi Alex, nice to see that you are interested in computers and learning security. I hope you enjoy the courses. About your question regarding Linux version, you can start with Ubuntu If you haven’t ever tried any Linux versions. After that try using Linux Mint or Fedora or even CentOS. Once you are proficient in using all these versions you can go for Arch Linux.