Hello to all from a Newbie!

Greetings everyone!

Just to introduce myself, I’m currently a 3rd year software engineering student. Currently taking cybersecurity courses at university and hoping to land an internship at places such as PWC in cyber and VMWare before the Xmas break provided I don’t fumble :grinning:

Just found out about this course on StationX, so I enrolled in all the courses & I have to admit, I’m extremely impressed - never seen anything so comprehensive in coverage. I just felt like now was the golden time to enrol since I’ve only considered a career in cyber a few months ago.

n.b. @NathanHouse in one of your videos you referred to an ebook I can access. Can I still access it?

If you buy though StationX you have access to the VIP forum here.

Weird, I bought all 4 volumes through StationX and all I get is: “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

I have sent you a private message

Thanks heaps @NathanHouse

I did as well but cannot access VIP forum please

Did you follow the instructions on the course?

Me too. I couldn’t access it. Can you help me Sir?

Did you follow the instructions on the course?

Hi Nathan,

Am a newbie into cyber security looking for a career change. Was really impressed with the kind of content, support and clarity in content delivery even though am just few topics into the course.

In order to best execute some of the exercises in the course, is a Macbook Pro with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage good enough for this courses?

As on the ebook download, am facing the same issue with prompted mssg " Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic". Appreciate your help.

8GB is a little small but might be ok. Its the virtual machines that take up the RAM. 256GB may be a little small too.

If you go to the lecture here;

You will see a download link at the bottom for the book.

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