HELP - Access Denied

Hi Everyone, I don´t know what to do, no-one seems to be able to help me on this one, I know its not Hacker/Security thing but may be some one can help.

I have a Laptop that was running on Win 7, I have 2 accounts, the everyday one I use without Admin rights, and a second one with Admin rights which I use for installation etc.

I updated it with a free version of win 10 from Microsoft, everything was ok, except when I plug in a USB stick to copy something to or from the Laptop I am denied access, It sees the usb stick
and by using “send” command from menu I can send a file to stick without seeing where on stick and it asks for Admin permission. But I just can´t open a stick and use/see as normal.
This is on my “normal” account. If I start with Admin account then there is no problem works as it should. I tried giving the normal account Admin rights, I deleted the usb sockets from device manger, and reinstalled. Bt nothing worked. Could anyone give me an idea to solve this problem.
My tech knowledge is slightly above normal user I guess
thanks for any help. Antony

Disclaimer: I’m not a Windows “expert” either.

I’m guessing the USB stick has many files and folders with the admin account ownership and you will have to edit specific permissions giving the normal account user the ability to read, write, etc. You may have to research the best way to go about editing the permissions.

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