Help with my courses and membership

Hello technophiles,

I have a question regarding certifications for my career. I have found an open “Network Operation Center Specialist” position. I have everything I need for the job except for two things: an ITIL 4 certification, and a Network+ certification. With this being said, I have an additional 180 days to get the ITIL certification if I am hired. The Network+ certification is also under “preferred qualifications” which tells me that it might be optional. Still, I plan on getting it. What troubles me is the ITIL certification.

I do not doubt my ability to get it, but the problem seems to be me not finding the course on StationX. In an email recently given to me by Nathan House, he showed me a blog post including “The Best Security Management Certificates for you in 2023.” ITIL 4 was one of these certificates, and the courses for ITIL were listed under the description of the certificate, however when I click on the courses from the blog page, most of the lectures are “greyed out.” I click on one such lecture, and there are two buttons; one that says, “enroll in course to unlock” and the other one that says “If you are already enrolled, you’ll need to log in.” I click the first button, but it takes me back to the ITIL course page with most lectures still being “greyed out”; when I click a lecture that is “greyed out” again, I try the second option which is logging in, but when I log in and search for ITIL in the course library, I cannot find the courses there.

I am a lifetime VIP member (I will provide proof if requested), and from what I understand, I have access to every resource in the StationX library available. Can someone help me out in finding the courses?

Thanks, and have a good day.

I hope you are doing well.
Can I kindly ask you to email regarding this issue? Someone there will answer this question for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much