Help with Vmware

I am having trouble finding the link to download the windows os to download on Vmware like the video shows in “the complete cyber security course part 1” where nathan starts talking about setting up VE’s. the link they provide to microsoft doesn’t go to the proper page bc in the video he is using windows 7, while i use windows 11. Can anyone guide me in the right direction so i can set up my VE’s and continue with the course?

Hi, you can go to this link - Download a Windows virtual machine - Windows app development | Microsoft Developer. It’s Microsoft’s official link to download VMs. You will find Win11 here

Hi do you have the password for windows 10 vmware, the link for the download was in Zaid’s course on “learn ethical hacking from scratch”

Which link did you use to download it? I don’t see any Windows download link in that course. It’s just Kali linux download