Hi! My Oracle Virtual Box and Kali-Linux

Hi guys! I have a problem on my Host Network Manager on Configure Adapter Automatically properties and it failed to save the host network and in opening also

the latest Kali-Linux-2019.3-vbox-amd64 on Oracle VirtualBox Manager. I don’t know if I downloaded the correct Virtual box hosts with Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack. What should I do? I appreciate your prompt response. ![Downloaded%20OS%20X|690x383]

Hi Jmbbarit,

Please make sure that you have the same version for the extension pack and Virtual box.


Then see if you can start the VM. You have to add the extension pack as shown below


Thank you for your response! I have already downloaded the extension pack but it gives me the latest version of 6.0.12r13. So, is this the right one?

That does appear to be the most current version of the Extension Pack. Install it. Make sure the main VirtualBox Manager is the most up-to-date version. Try “File” menu, then “Check for Updates…”

Try your vm again. Let us know.

Yes Jmbbarit, gdub is right, please make sure that have the extension has the same version of Vbox, then install it and see.

Absolutely, I have the latest version of Vbox and yeah, still the same problem even though I installed the latest Extension pack.

Still the same thing

Hi Jmbbarit,

Please remove Kali and uninstall Vbox, then try using a Vbox older version from the following link:


If the above didn’t work then please try Kali 2019.2, you can download it from here



Thank you very much! I’m going to that now.

Hi Jmbbarit,

Did the suggested solution worked for you?


It is the same thing, maybe I didn’t understand properly the lesson so I will go back again and see in the beginning

What is the course? Instructor?
We would like to help you fix this; need more info.

Hi gdub,

Good Day!

I downloaded the latest version again and I’m currently here on the Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 2.0 course by Jesse Kurrus. I already exceeded the lesson and presently here on Brainpan 1 VM Enumeration and Exploitation.

Good day Jmbbarit,

I guess everything working fine for you with Kioptrix. Can you show us the error message again when you start Kali VM to further debug the source of the issue please?

Thank you.

Sorry, I was unable to reply again yesterday. I recommend you rewatch the third lesson titled “Download and Configure Kali Linux VM on VirtualBox”, following strictly the order and details to help fix this. At about the 5:05 mark, Jesse recommends unchecking the Enable USB Controller “otherwise the vm won’t boot properly.”

As you learn more about ethical hacking and pentesting you will have a better idea when and why to enable the USB controller - for example when using an external wireless adapter, which can sometimes be tricky to get working correctly.

Since you made some recent changes, make sure again that the VirtualBox Manager and Extension Packs are the same version whether they are older versions or the most current.

Additional thoughts:
I’m trying to figure out how a USB controller error and a separate “host network interface parameter” error are related. I wonder if you are trying to use an external wireless adapter plugged into a USB port. If so, there may be some type of mixup in the settings between that and an internal wireless NIC.

Ok here is the error when configuring adapter automatically with the chosen host network manager

No problem. I did exactly and slowly understanding every method on what the video have said. And done unchecking the Enable USB controller and followed all of every instructions mentioned.

VirtualBox Manager, Extension Packs, Kali-Linux and everything are of on their latest versions downloaded.

Where should I find NIC on my Mac laptop?

When you are trying the instructions, do you have an external wireless adapter physically plugged into a USB port?

I have searched the “failed to save host network interface parameter” error repeatedly. Not finding much. The most relevant link is posted below for reference only because it doesn’t solve the issue. What I’m understanding is this is a very unusual error that may be very difficult to resolve or may be a current VirtualBox bug (details in link).


If it were me, I would remove all the adapters listed (the vboxnet0 thru 4 in the last screenshot, and any added after). Then instead of configuring automatically try it manually, if you know how to.

You mean like extensions?.. I have my external portable ssd card and extra extension usb-c prohub for my bluetooth mouse because my macbook just have 4 usb-c port.

Thank you for the link. I’m currently there now and reading the discussions.