How can i get my certificate

hey can anybody tell me how to download the certificate of course that i have taken plz i need help?

You can get certificates for only these five course after completion.
“The Complete Cyber Security Course” (vol 1-4) & “The Complete Nmap Ethical Hacking Course”, These courses are taken by the proffessional Cyber Security Expert and C.E.O of Station X, “Nathan House”.

I have enrolled these courses in past weeks, they are very usefull and amazing!. I suggest you to enroll it, After completion you will get certificate . But it will take 29 days to approve your certificate

i want the certificatie of ethical hacking by zaid i just want to ask that how to download it plz can anyone help

Please note that the courses are available on Udemy , StationX and zSecurity, the difference is if you take the courses on zSecurity you get a zSecurity certificate of completion.

You can download the one from StationX after you have completed the course.
On the left there is a Certificate button. There is a download link under your certificate.

left to what i did not understand it properly please can you elobrate it will be more helpful.

What do you not understand from this answer?
I really can’t say it more clearly.
Everything you need to know to get your certificate is described here.