How does blockchain play a role in cyber security?

How does Blockchain play a role in cyber security? I don’t know much about block chain. As a matter fact, I don’t know anything about block chain. All I know is it’s utilized for cryptocurrency and this one cell phone company uses it for privacy and security. Sirin Labs About Us - Sirin Labs.

Then I watched a few YouTube videos where John McAfee talked about block chain. And I got super interested.

Today I started doing a few searches on Blockchain, what it is, what else could it be used for, and how does cyber security play a role, is it the future? And how in the heck is a cell phone company able to use block chain for privacy and security. That is a very interesting topic on it’s own.

I wanted to reach out to you folks on the subject. Thanks!

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Hey Black,

Blockchain does have a variety of potentially useful applications and has been gathering steam over the past few years.

If you are a complete beginner at blockchain and the most you know about it is that it is associated with bitcoin, try going through all the content on this page:

Next up let’s explore it’s uses especially in cybersecurity, here are a few articles that cover multiple industries. Should give you an extended idea:


  2. Wallets, Hospitals and the Chinese Military: 19 Examples of Blockchain Cybersecurity at Work

  3. The Future Use Cases of Blockchain for Cybersecurity

These should help!

Finally once you start seeing the pattern of places where things like high availability, distributed services can become useful; you start thinking of your own applications!