How does DRM Technology prevent screen recordings of movies/films?

I’m interested in gaining knoweledge about how platforms such as Netflix, Amazon (Prime Video), Hulu, YouTube, and other various movie streaming services implement the strategy to prevent people from screen recording their movies.

I understand that the implementation of DRM (Digital Rights Management) can be difficult but it amazes me how these coorperations can recognize that a screen recording is activated over what is playing in their app/browser and completely disable the “screen recording” functionality altogether.

Does anyone know how this works? I’m not interested in piracy of movies/films and I’m not looking for a workaround to DRM protection.
I’m only interested in gaining the knoweledge of how this is implemented because I don’t understand how this is possible.

Thank you for any replies and hopefully anyone who views this post in the future can also learn how this works :slight_smile:

Maybe this helps. But you can read really complex guides on wikipedia.

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Thank you for the reference :slightly_smiling_face: