How much does cyber security slow down the operation of your PC

I’ve been going through all the cyber security courses and trying to learn all that I can about how to mitigate risks and build upon cyber security footprint.
For the average persons privacy and anonymity I have been trying to gauge a balance of whats good mitigation strategies and whats not helpful and the biggest problem I find is implimenting these mitigations and protections mean sacrificing a huge amount of conveniences and efficiencies alot of people enjoy in todays PC technology.
My other concern is how many of these protections/mitigators can be implimented without having a serious affect on the efficiency of your PC in every day use. Ex. Will my 3.7ghz CPU still operate at this speed with the maximum amount of mitigations/protections all running simultaneously on your PC for example having disk encrypted drive, Operating my main OS w/ malware scanners, while running a VM OS with sandbox browsers, plugins, extensions, VPNs…
How much of this can you impliment without slowing your CPUs ability. In a world where we want our information now, I don’t feel its practical to impliment all these mitigations and protections if its now making your computer operate like it was back in the early 2000s and majority of people don’t want to sacrifice usability, convenience and efficiency to browse their computers in the name of privacy.

Have you even implemented all these things? In my experience, it never slows the system down. 3.7GHz is a lot. These things take much less drive space and not much RAM.

No I haven’t myself, was just curious if anyone has tried using all of these defenses and noticed any effect on PC performance