How secure is generated passwords

Hi, this morning I was talking to a friend of mine and I came to know that his web hosting account was hacked it was hacked by a hacker from California and when the hosting company was questioned about this incident the first thing they asked him was whether he was using a generated password?
Even the Cyber Police asked him the same thing! So this thought came to my mind “How secure is generated passwords?”. And how is this possible how can a hackers crack a generated password is it even possible?

Randomly generated passwords are the hardest to crack. See volume 2 where I cover this in detail.

cracking a password is possible in 3 ways (as far as i can tell)

  • by bruteforcing attempts
  • by a flaw in a software or plateform services
  • by social enginering

the first 2 methodes, if used on a web services (email, games, etc. as long as it’s required an authentification with a server) are supposed to be monitored by the company itself. they shoud (and i stress it) have system that block ip address or account when X amount of attempts are done. and, in dreaming world, notify users of this attempts so he/she can take action by modifying passwords (at least)

the last one depends only on the awareness of the user. no system can protect an unaware user. even with the most sophisticated system.

so, a generated password is generally volatil. meaning that it’s not saved anyware by the software, and even if it was, there is (usualy) no way to be able to associate the generated password with a specific account on a specific services. meaning that it’s near to impossible to cracked a generated password, if it’s long enough.

the problem with password created by most user is, they are based on comon words, birth date, or anything close to them so it’s easy for them to remembered.

like nathan mentionned, there is a full section on the generated password in the volume 2

i hope this answer your question