How to activate sessions

So I have been using and learning the in’s and out’s of metasploit recently and I have run into a problem, I have been trying to hack into my windows desktop using a vulnerability in Microsoft HTTPAPI httpd 2.0 (SSDP/UPnP). When I run the command show options I get this

there is a option I need to set called SESSION. After doing some reasearch I found out I need to put in something called the session ID, but then I have another problem. When I run sessions -l I get this,
and what I’d like to know is how do I activate a session, becuase when I search up how to do it the tutorials are either unclear or appear to already have active sessions and they are showing me where to find them.

Not sure about this exploit. sessions command only works when you have successfully created a backdoor or exploit to the victim computer. YOU cannot get session id using this. Maybe try putting this in metasploit forums online as how toy get session id.