How to create a hidden Qubes volume?

Hey Nathan, I have seen your courses and in volume 4 (end point encryption) you mention Bestcrypt and Veracrypt for this, but from what I am seeing, these don’t work with Qubes (maybe I am mistaken?). Is there a way to have a bootable usb with FDE LUKS, a dummy encrypted Microsoft OS, and another encrypted, hidden Qubes? Thanks!

Does Qubes use full disk encryption (FDE)?

Yes, of course! Full disk encryption is enabled by default. Specifically, they use LUKS/dm-crypt. You can even manually configure your encryption parameters, if you like!

VeraCrypt only does full disk encryption for Windows based OS, typically windows 7 and older. You may be able to use a Windows HVM.!topic/qubes-users/VWVhsLXCY08

Ah ok I’ll take a look at that, thanks!