How to install knockpy in Kali Linux 2021.2


I have already installed Kali Linux 2021.2 but I can’t install “knock” in my lab. If you know how to install it. Please, share with me.

I have tried many more times for installation from GitHub documentation, but clearly do not understand where to start and what commands to use for it.

Please share screenshots of your terminal to what the error you get while installing.
The basic installation step is:
git clone
Go to the folder where it is downloaded
Run python3 install

Hello Apurv,

Please check terminal screenshot image.

Knock is not installed properly so you can’t run knock command. Use sudo when installing knock. sudo python3 install

Thank you so much @Apurv-StationX It’s working. I will post if there is any problem.

cannot search the sub domains using knock…
can u plz help me

What errors are you getting when you run the script. Please share screenshots