How to install zenmap

in kali i have downloaded zenmap but for some reason i can not work out the correct command to install in can anyone help im new to linux based systems thanks in advanced

List of commands:
wget -q
apt install alien
alien zenmap-7.80-1.noarch.rpm
dpkg -i zenmap_7.80-2_all.deb

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that is crazy i followed all the same instructions from a web site and could not get it to install as soon as i folllowed this video its done HAHA perhaps i made some typo or something

@Edwin Thank you i finally got the zenmap to install but for some reason when i click to run it from the applications menu nothing happens any idea why it might not be running

which kali version do you use?
Additional software:

  • Terminator.

  • Leafpad.

  • Firefox.

  • Arpspoof

  • Mdk3

  • Mdk4

  • Pip

  • Pip3

  • BeEF Framework

  • Zaproxy

  • Zenmap <---------- :point_left: :point_left:

  • Correct version of bettercap.

  • Mana toolkit

  • Evilgrade

  • Bdfproxy

@Edwin im running Kali-Linux-2020.4-vmware-i386.vmwarevm
zenmap is in the menu to load but when i click to load zenmap or zenmap admin it just doesnt load

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what happens when you add zenmap to the application menu this way?

I have the same problem, haven’t figured it out yet

Try using Zaid’s customized kali:

I also have troubles installing Zenmap in Kali but Zenmap is End of Life in Kali.

My advice.
Don’t use Zenmap.
Use Nmap and this cheat sheet.

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