How would I configure empire for use out side the network? [solved]

How would I configure empire for use out side the network?

The same concept follows for all programs not only backdoors, all you have to do is use your public IP in when generating the backdoor (stager if your using empire), use the local IP in the listener, and enable port forwarding in your router to redirect the listening port to your local IP.

How to I manually set the ip in the stager?

You don’t set the IP in the stager, you set it in the listener, then set the stager to connect to a specific listener, so lets say you have a listener named http configured to use your IP, then just do

set Listener http

Please revise lectures 32 and 33 for more info as they explain this in details.

how it possible sir there is only one option when we create a backdoor in the empire(select listener - set host as our local IP). I can’t see any other option in a stager to set my public for forwarding my port. Sir please give me a solution for this.

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You set the local IP in the listener and then go to your router settings to do port forwarding. Basically, you are forwarding all traffic coming from outside your network to your local IP and port. Read this guide:

bro what about the payload in empire

Use this wiki: to set different options of empire