[HowTo] [Question] Access Point creation and mana-toolkit issue


  1. Course: Learn Network Hacking From Scratch (WiFi & Wired) by Zaid
  2. My Environment:
    1. Windows Laptop
      1. VirtualBox 6.1.4 and extensions
        1. Kali Linux 2020 VM
      2. Adapters:
        1. Laptop internal wifi eth0
        2. USB adapter AWUS036NHA
  3. Refers to : 18. Creating a fake access point
    1. Struggled a lot and finally got it working
  5. Things to note: There are 3 separate things involved:
    1. Router is on 192.168.x.1
    2. Virtual box wifi internet adapter connection eth0 is on 10.0.x.y
    3. Virtual box access point at0 is on 192.168.z.1
  6. Issues : not very stable when we connect from another machine to the access point
  7. Questions:
    1. Are the stability issues an expected behaviour?
    2. Also next topic i.e. 19. Creating a fake access point with mana.
      1. The issue is that mana-toolkit is outdated by 4 years. Is it advisable to use this in the course and for practical purposes / actual implementations? Are you planning to update the course?
      2. apt-get install mana-toolkit doesn’t work. I have manually installed mana-toolkit.
        1. Note: Visiting GitHub site for mana advises to use bettercap or berate-ap. Could you advise?

Earlier issue reference(now resolved): Alfa AWUS036NHA with 15 inch Macbook pro 2018 issues