Https bypassing is not working

hey i am trying to bypass https as mentioned in lecture but it did not work out please help i dont want to be stuck.

You have provided zero context.

What operating system are you on? what tool are you using? What command are you typing? What is the error message?

If you ask questions like this you won’t get an answer!

i am using customized kali linux by z secuirty .i am using the bettercap for spoofing as mentioned in the lecture. i designed custom scripting as shown in the video.
commands are as follows:
net.probe on
set arp.spoof fullduplex true
set arp.spoof targets
which the ip of my target VM machine
arp.spoof on
net.sniff on
then i am using this script for spoofing
by using command
bettercap -iface eth0 -caplet /root/spoof.cap
then selecting caplets
using command
then selecting hstshijack
but when i open https wesites it does not sniff them as per shown in video

check the answer in this topic.

its not working bro like you mentioned alll step so plz help and more thing if why would some go to or anythng like this???

its not working out two three times

If this doesn’t work I can’t help you.

then ask the admin to refund my money in that case

ask yourself i would say. I have nothing to say here. I’m just a student trying to help you.

tag you r superior one if you dont that i case against your website for fraud so ready for that
and i apperciate your effort by the way.

Website security is improving day by day. It is hard to bypass https more and more. The bettercap tool is also being updated slowly. As you can see on their GitHub repo: There are many issues open. You may try to go through that but many students are facing issues with bettercap. I think it is mostly to do with version mismatch as to which version of Kali to use with which version of bettercap.

i am using kali which is customized by z security and the version is 2.23i think which was preinstalled in it.
i just replace the mentioned file hsthijack