I clicked a link in a dodgy text message (yeah, I know...)

Hello all, as mentioned in the title of this topic, I clicked a link in a text message I received lately (don’t ask me why and, yes, I’m stupid). The link was an http web url. When I clicked it, I immediately panicked and kicked myself. I also quickly closed my web browser before the web page could display. I haven’t noticed anything weird happening on my phone since then. My bank account hasn’t been emptied and I haven’t received any further text messages or threats of any kind. I have scanned my phone for malware detection with two different antivirus softwares, which found nothing suspicious. So my question is: can I consider it safe to continue using my phone as normal or should I consider breaking it and throwing it in a public bin as can be seen in the movies?

Any advice on this would be very much appreciated since I am a stupid git and have no clue what to make of all this.


Yes, you can consider it safe. If you haven’t installed anything on your phone from that link or if anything new is not installed then you are good.

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Oh great! Thank you for your message, Apurv!