I pose this as a question

…But in reality, I just wanted to thank-you for this course. First instructor I’ve had in my life which hasn’t bored me. I learnt a tonne and enjoyed every step of the way thus far, you’re a natural great teacher.

So thanks for that! One question I did have was in regards to your microphone. I notice three seperate distinct ones; the one you use with video, the really crisp bass-ey one and the normal one. If you don’t mind me asking, what microphones are you using?

Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you. Be sure to write a review. Good ear. Yes I believe 3 different mics were used. The Rode NT USB is the main mic used. Highly recommended. But there is more to it as all videos are post processed with Adobe Auditions to improve the sound too.

Hi Nathan,
nothing special to say but thanks