Ideal chain of anonymity

I am looking forward to setup ideal chain of anonimity in order to enter global network.

Please correct me if i am wrong:

  1. If i want to surf or send some critical information to journalist. For operative use, will be Tails enough?

  2. On USB stick create Debian with LUKS, change SSL, setup Trucrypt 7.1a with double hidden container where i keep my virtual box machine with WHONIX and KALI for example. Is it a good way to keep my secrets against physical pressure to expose what is inside encrypted USB stick.

For example Debian with LUKS=>setup own VPN on server=>hidden Truecrypt 7.1 container with virtual machine that has WHONIX+control on swap and hibernation after each switch off=>TOR=>second vpn=>socks=>mozilla portable. It is for daily work.

Does it make sense or it is a matter of my fantasy, please correct. If it is partially correct, where are the weaknesses and what can be edited

It depends on your threat model. This is one option! Have you seen the whole course yet?

Dear Nathan, i bought your course couple of days ago and still in the process of learning. My aim is to find out best possible anonimity chain with minimum weaknesses in the whole chain. I will keep going with learning throughout your. course. Overall, i evaluate your course as one of the best that i have seen so far. Thank you so much for sharing your ultimate expertise to cyber security community!

Understood. Volume 3 covers this in great detail.