I'm having errors while running the python though i followed the instructions can someone help me?

Hi, you have misspelled init. It is init and not int

ok thank you

Hi, I’m stilling have problems on both sides the server and the client
The first image is for the Listener error and second on the terminal client error

The error is because you are trying to concatenate str object with byts object. The str object is json_data and the bytes object is self.connection.recv. You have to change the connection receive object to str and then concatenate it. You can just typecast it with str() function.

I did correct where you said using the str() function on both the client and listener and still getting the errors on the listener…

Listeners’ code:

Below is the error on the listener

OK so it requires byte-type data only. Remove the str and put a b in front of json_data. so json_data = b"" This is to convert the json_data to bytes

I tried what you told me but still having errors
The code and error below

Ok so concatenating both converts it to string implicitly. Try typecasting the final json_data to bytes. Also you can change these things by yourself also. The rest of the code is good

which is the final Json_data and how should i correct it?please

The final json_data is on line 22. You have to typecast the final output of it.

From your questions, I assume that you have not gone through the basics of Python. Please learn python before working on these type of scripts and running it. You cannot advance from this point if you don’t know what the code does or how to make edits on it.