Implementing a Very Basic MAC changer

I’ve followed the subject video and everything seems to work except that as soon as the MAC address is changed I can no longer browse the internet.

I’ve also tried changing the MAC address using the macchanger and same thing. When I change the MAC address back I can browse with no problem.

It looks to me that you may be running mac_changer from inside PyCharm instead of the command line, which is fine but may differ somewhat in results from the lectures.

The terminal window in that image is blocking what looks to possibly be an error message starting with “sudo” - at the bottom of the PyCharm part of the image. Can you see it there?

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Yes you are correct there is a an error and it is related to the super user. I did run it from terminal afterwards. The issue is not that the macchanger doesn’t work though, it’s that once the MAC has been changed if I open the browser and try to browse that I can’t. once I switch the MAC back to the permanent I am then able to browse again.

Thank you for weighing in.

In doing some research, I ran across a suggestion which I understood to mean run command “dhclient” after you bring the interface back up. Try it and see if that helps.

Edit: I believe you need to enter: dhclient eth0
(After changing the MAC.)

no luck. I’m continuing with the course content but at some point I’m assuming i’ll need to be able to connect to the internet with a spoofed MAC address. For now it’s not an issue as all the work is local.

I may try and setup another instance of Kali linux at some point and see if there is something in the setup.