Increased Security awareness

I just wanted to write and open up to everyone with my personal evaluation after taking these courses and self-studying Cyber-security for some time now.
This may interest some of you or not …maybe some of you guys are the same after starting this course.

Over and over again I kept repeating to my self “Security is not a state but a process” whilst studying to understanding the meaning or/and the process of security which I must say has really has interested me.

I have found myself sometimes stopping and analysing my environment to see what security implementation has been implemented and to find vulnerabilities to test my thinking of “How to improve on this security current system”

Now heres the part which really blew me away.

I tend to travel quite allot but this time it felt different…as if i have never taken a step into an airport terminal before, I found myself stopping after a specific security procedure, analysing the security systems which has been implemented from face recognition software, Face recognition with tracking system and the security procedures which has been implemented to increase the airports efficiency.

I was so shell shocked in the security system that i had to stop, I simply couldnt stop looking up or stop to analyse the security procedure which has been implemented.

These courses has really increased my personal security awareness not only going through the airport but in and around my surrounding…which i never expected.

I suppose in a confused yet flabbergast way thank you?

Anyway - Happy new years :beers: