Infected by ransomware

Hi Security Folks,

we have a physical server that was infected by ransomware and I would like to bring it up again.
what is the best way to wipe the server and start fresh and safe?

thank you!

You should check

The Complete Cyber Security Course Volume 4 section 10

Nathan made 2 videos about Disk Wiping
1 is about Solid State Drives and 1 about Mechanical Drives

And there are many more tools.

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Thank you! let me review them again!

I reached out to Blancco for an enterprise license. they are charging 1 license = 1 drive.
my poweredge is about 15 drives so it requires 15 licenses. we are waiting for quotations.

also, I found that I can perform secure erase using lifecycle controller “reset to lifecycle controller” and reset to defaults.
is this gonna be sufficient to reuse my server?

Thank you!

In the past, the Dutch government was satisfied with a Blancco certificate when they said goodbye to old data carriers. Nowadays all data carriers go through a shredder. (now that’s a waste).The fact that the Dutch government was satisfied with a Blancco certificate says enough in my opinion.
I can also tell you that Blancco is “THE” tool in the refurbish market.
So I think with Blancco you are making the right choice. It can be a bit expensive.

I have no experience with Dell’s lifecycle controller. (you must do your own research on that.)

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sorry for the super late response…
i was able to complete the secure erase using free DBAN tool and it is now working good!

to be more extra careful, what is the best way to scan the server again?