(information post) The importance of OpSec when you want to stay anonymous on the internet

Hi everyone,

I have the chance, for my job, to have to read news about technology and security trying to stay as close as possible to new treats out there.

In those lectures about anonymity, Nathan states often that OpSec is what keep you anonymous when you need to be and he gave us few exemple about it.

I just want to share a recent story about this. you may already heard that alphabay’s market admin was arested, and commit suicide few days ago. Bleeping wrote a good article and give some highlights on what gave away the owner : https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/series-of-monumental-opsec-mistakes-led-to-alphabays-demise/

he was able to keep is site working for 3-4 years, but did some mistake here and there during that time. I hope you will enjoy the article.

P.S. i have no affiliation with bleepingcomputer non so ever, i just like the way they wrote article and the “quickiness” they have to post patches to 0-days vulnerability

Thanks for that. You have to be brave or stupid to run a site like that. I can’t imagine the OPSEC worries a person would have in charge of a dark market!!!