Installing an SSL Certificate on CentOS Running apache

I just sign up for this course and it says I need to be running CentOS 7 Linux System and I need to to know can I follow this course on my Fedora 30 laptop.

Yes, you can use Fedora 30 to follow along with the course. CentOS will be used for the demos in the lectures, but most commands and syntaxes that work with CentOS will work with Fedora too.

The main difference between them is that Fedora uses the “dnf” package manager instead of “yum”. I believe yum will still work with Fedora, though, and the commands for dnf are the same as for yum (so “yum install tree” on CentOS could be run as “dnf install tree” on Fedora instead).

Thanks for your comments :penguin::nerd_face: