Installing Debian as test OS on virtual box

hi , i am trying to install Debian as test OS but i couldn’t find any video that helps me install it well on virtual box
i tried downloading the full system in the
Debian website and installing it on the program but when i try commands it doesn’t work like
it tells me command not found

i just want to install it so i can learn on cyber security volume 1

If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you were in Debian, running inside VirtualBox, and tried the command “ifconfig” in a terminal emulator window. That command is no longer in Debian by default. See the following link for more info. You can try a similar command “ip address” (don’t include quotes and there is a space between ip and address).

Edit: forgot link

OK the IP address command did work
but i cant do some commands that are in the Debian patching lecture
i just want a clear ISO if you installed it in your virtual box so i can get it to do the same commands in the lecture
i hope you got my point :slight_smile:

My simple answer, without going into much detail, is that Debian ISO installs can be tricky for a beginner in cybersecurity.

You asked for a “clear ISO. . .” I believe what you may be looking for is not in an ISO format. Go back to Section 5, Lesson 50, about the 7:20 mark for other options if you want to use Debian in a more ready format for testing. You would likely be better off starting and learning with Kali first, as mentioned in Lesson 53, then trying Debian at a later time.

thank you so much
i installed Kali the custom version (Mr Nathan sent me the link) and i am doing well in the test environment and i decided the same you said (to learn with Kali and then try moving on to Debian)

thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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I would like to ask a question related to this about installing Kali. I first watched how to install virtual box then how to install kali. Kindly correct me if the procedure I want to follow here is not correct.

  1. Go to this website Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox and download virtual host for windows. My laptop is using windows 10.
  2. Install the exe file I just downloaded.
  3. Go to this website Downloads | Kali Linux and download Kali Linux( installer)
  4. Open the virtual box I installed earlier and install the Kali Linux I just downloaded.

Yes your procedure is correct. Also, you can durectly search on google “how to install kali on virtualbox” and you will get a lot of articles on that.

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Thank you

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