Installing Kali linux


When i try to install kali linux from kali linux website image: kali-linux-2022.2-installer-amd64.iso
I got this error. Have anyone seen this before? Im trying to install from graphic interface.

If i create an image for live usb its working. Im using balenaetcher to create boot image.

i didnt had this problem but i do recommend rufus i had errors with balena etcher and so i used rufus and “kali-linux-2022.2-installer-amd64.iso” this is the official image of kali linux like your current OS if you want a live image of kali linux on usb stick then you need a “kali-linux-2022.2-live-amd64.iso” or something like this should be the name of the OS thats works on sticks it is on their website, i tried with the OS release “kali-linux-2022.2-installer-amd64.iso” this one and for me too it didnt work because it is not supposed to.

If you want to use Kali as a VM then I would recommend installing VM version instead of iso. It can be found on the official Kali download page.