Installing Kali on vmware

Rockstar! Thank you kindly! It is now working perfectly ^^ So happy

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Hi, I have this processor on mac and I am having a difficult time installing the Kali file.
2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

The M1 install will not work with with VMware or VirtualBox. I would prefer not to pay for Parallels. Is there a work around?

You have a M1 proc or a intel?

If you have a intel just download virtualbox for mac. If you have a M1 you need parallels

Thanks for the Quick reply Edwin. I have intel Core i7. The Kali file options are 32-bit, 64-bit, Apple M1.
I do not think any of these work with my system. Is there another file for dinosaur Mac?

The 64bit is the one you need

Okay, have virtual box and Kali 64-bit. I unzip the Kali file with archive utility and get this message.

There is no application set to open the document “Kali 2022.1 x64 Custom.vmwarevm”.

The file type looks to be set for vmware

Got it! For anyone else using antique mac. Run 64-bit Kali on VMware Fusion 12.2.3 (for Intel-based Macs).

Not sure where to post this. Following terminal commands, enter ls and get this. What is embedded-browser-no-sandbox-json?

Not able to get to next command.

Also I do not have the workplaces button on top bar.

It’s just a json file. I assume it is used for some scripts later in the course. What do you mean by “not able to get to next command”? which command are you trying to execute?

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