Installing security onion on Virtual box

The course network security analysis using wireshark, snort. Come on guys, everything is old and not updated. Security onion, is impossible to download on my pc, it says i dont have enough memory, but my pc was bought on cybersecurity specifications so i could learn without issues. I am studying on a cybersecurity bootcamp, but everything is not updated , i purchased this courses here, because i thought would be good learn stuff on the side ahead of time, but it is impossible.

For this course specifically, there is nothing that would change with the course being updated. All the topics covered will remain the same. Also, the first lecture itself which talks about the setup of security onion on the virtual box has the same steps that one would follow today.
What specifications do you have for your PC? From where did you see these cybersecurity specifications? Did someone tell you or was it written somewhere?. Also, the security onion hardware requirements are posted on its website - Hardware Requirements — Security Onion 2.3 documentation