Intel, ARM and AMD chip scare

With the news out now how long will it take for news to come out that hackers have attacked computers via the flaw in Intel, ARM and AMD chips.
The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said there was no evidence that the vulnerability had been exploited but im sure that will change, there must be some hackers already trying to gain access…

Yes im sure there will be people working on it now. It is a particularly tricky flaw to exploit. Patching is the way to go to be safe. There will be many other vulnerabilities too we don’t know about that people are exploiting!

Yes I agree patching is all ready on the way and Apple have already updated most machines with the last two updates but after listening to a tech programme I usually listen too I didn’t realise how severe this really is.
It effects nearly all processors since 1995 but when they explained it, if I understood it correctly, your processor information would predict your next actions and have the required information ready, this could include bank details etc. Now if you are on the cloud with others a hacker with the right software could gain access to this information before it’s taken place. This is scary news, hopefully it can be patched soon.