Internet not working on kali what to do.?

Internet not working on kali what to do…?
It showing Activation of network connection failed…

Try restarting the network adaptor using `sudo service network-adaptor restart. Also, which adaptor are you using? Use NAT if not using that.

Please can you tell me the steps and should I need WiFi adpater eg Alfa network aws036nha to run internet on kali vm?

I run sudo service network-adaptor restart it shown
Failed to restart network adaptor service unit network adaptor service not found

did you try this?

apt-get install firmware-atheros

Try to uninstall and reinstall the firmware if it already exists:

 apt-get remove firmware-atheros

 apt-get install firmware-atheros

It is Necessary to have WiFi adpater in order to run internet on kali?

No you can use LAN. You only need a wireless adapter if you want to test/hack WIFI. The Alfa card supports monitor mode that’s why everybody advises you to use a card like that. But you can do almost everything without WiFI except wireless hacking .

I install Nmap using compiling Nmap from source then I uninstall it using

cd /usr/local

rm -f bin/nmap bin/nmapfe bin/xnmap

rm -f man/man1/nmap.1 man/man1/zenmap.1

rm -rf share/nmap


Then again install Nmap and zenmap using compiling source after typing make install command it shown Nmap installed but then I type Nmap it showning no file or Dicretory band Nmap not open…any one knows why?

I don’t know why you are compiling it from source. You can directly do sudo apt install nmap. The sources are already there in the sources list in Debian based systems