Ip address browser search is loading default apache page

Hi There,

I’m studying the graphical interface section of “spoofing” and was trying to load my IP address in the in VM Linux server but i keep getting the default server page.

Can you tell me what i need to do?


Hey there, what is the ip address that you were trying to reach?

Hi Senju,

I’m trying to reach

Thanks in advance.

Is this Apache page from your Linux VM? If yes, then looks like your spoofing didn’t work. What steps did you follow to do this or rather which exact video/course you are referring to?

The course i’m learning is “Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch” by Zaid.
I’m in section "11. Network Hacking - Post Connection Attacks - MITM Attacks "
Under this section, im on the lecture, “Doing all of the above using a graphical interface”

So I tried the process again and i’m able to run a spoofing attack manually but when i follow steps to use the graphical interface as described in the lecture, i’m unable to connect - this is what i’m getting now (See attached image below)