Is Experience compulsory for writing CEH exam?

I have taken up 4 courses of @NathanHouse Sir and the CEH course of @mohamedatef98 Sir. If I have to appear for the CEH exam is it compulsory to have work experience?

During the course, @mohamedatef98 sir mentioned there is a workaround to compensate for the lack of experience to be eligible for appearing for the CEH exam. It would be really helpful if someone can help me out in this regard.

Mohammed Haneef

@mohamedatef98 maybe this works lol

Thank you, new to the forum so missed it.

I just don’t know if it works. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Lets hope for the best.

how about he get an answer to this?
I also had this question when I was working on this. But it was never answered. Mohamed Atef says in the video course that there is a way and we just need to contact him. The only question is HOW?!

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Hey Edwin, Mohammed,

The workaround is to get CEH training from a certified training institute(accredited), which will be considered as compensation instead of having experience.

Personally, I feel its just a money making mechanism.

Hope this helps!


This is why I ended up going for Pentest+.(and I’m really happy I did) But I don’t think it’s nice to just say something in a video course and then keep quiet if anyone has a question about the topic. We are still paying customers.

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Have you done pentest certification ?


So @Edwin are you gonna take a break or planning to take your next cert?
I finally took Sec+ after the 4 month Covid delay. I was studying for pentest+ at the same time. But after finishing Sec+, something suddenly prompted me to go for CySA+ first. So I have started studying for that. Initially I thought it would be a breeze, but I think it’s gonna be whole lot harder than Sec+. It’s also way more interesting and hands-on.

@SamM i’m also working on CySA+ atm.
It would be a shame not to get that certificate. Many topics have already been covered in Pentest+.

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And congrats with Security+ :100:

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That’s so cool. You’ll have such good all rounded knowledge with both Pentest and CySA. I too hope to do pentest, but after this. Hope you are enjoying CySA. I am loving it so far but also realise the challenge. This time around I was thinking of going for Jason Dion’s complete course that includes a free voucher if you fail. I may be needing it :joy:
Thanks for the wishes. Big relief passing Sec+.

@SamM from TryHackMe:

What Advice Would You Give Someone Just Starting In Cyber Security

Don’t give up! Cyber security can be very difficult sometimes. No matter your background or experience level, as long as you stay motivated, you will succeed.

Great advice, thanks @Edwin. I hope to stay motivated.

@SamM SY0-601 is just a tough exam. And you should be very proud of what you have achieved.

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