Is it dangerous to use a smartphone that does not receive security updates?

For example if I delete the bank applications and applications with important information, and only use the phone for calls, messages and photos, would there be any risk or problem in having a phone that no longer receives security updates?

I appreciate your support


It depends, is it still a smartphone?
Would the messages contain sensitive information?
Would you be alright if the photos get leaked?

It boils down to how much risk you can accept.

Imagine having a burner phone which has very basic functionalities, such phones receive no or minimal security updates. You can opt for something like that.

If you want to keep your same phone you could install a custom ROM if it’s Android. There are now many choices out there, Lineage seems to be the most popular and Graphene I hear is the most secure if you own a Pixel.
I also have an older phone and am researching how to keep it operating securely. I do not do banking on this phone so I wasn’t too worried about the security but ran into a bug that started sending multiple texts. We often don’t think about the data we should be protecting if it’s not directly financial but even something like your contact list could be used by an adversary. If it’s a smartphone and you are using it with WiFi or data then yes any information on that phone including contacts or call history it is at risk, especially if there are known vulnerabilities with your phone.
As far as I could find Nathan only mentions the existence of a few custom ROM’s available. I really would like more of his take / update on this as I feel learning to properly use custom ROM’s can be an important skill as security professional.
Hopefully Nathan will chime in with his take on this important topic. Another chapter on this topic I feel would be highly beneficial.
Nathan seems to be an iOS (Apple) fan so that may not be his area of expertise? He is probably correct that Apple is more secure for the common user since they block anything but their software, but this means you are putting 100% of your trust in Apple. My understanding is this also limits customization and since it is not open source, the code can not even be reviewed by you or I for vulnerabilities.
Thank you for bringing up the topic and hopefully Nathan and others will give their input.

hello thank you for answering

Yes, it is a smartphone
I don’t have social networks installed, only whatsapp and I try not to share something that if it becomes public could harm me, the same with the photos before taking any.
I think what would happen if this is shown on the internet? If the answer is nothing then I take the picture.

I would say that what worries me the most since I have not yet been able to study the security courses is whether it is really a risk to have a phone that no longer receives security patches.
despite not downloading third party applications, not using wifi on public networks, not making transactions or purchases, in short: limit yourself to calls, messages and photos.

Thank you very much for answering , yes I have an android smart phone and I didn’t realize the importance of this issue.

But I would not like to be forced to change phones every 2 or 3 years , my current phone works amazing and having to change it because of security updates bothers me a bit , but if necessary I guess I would have to do it , but searching in forums I have even seen people claiming that it does not matter if you use a phone with updated security patches (as it is still not very secure in the case of Android ) and recommend instead IOS , so honestly I do not know.

Because as you mention even without the issue of banking transactions , the simple fact that someone can have access to personal information its dangerous

What I would like to know is if it really does not matter what you do you are always going to be vulnerable, or the fact of having a phone with the active security updates considerably reduces the risk or if it is better to buy an Iphone.

I have not been able to get to that part of the course, but I will hurry because it is an important topic.