Is my hardware good enough for learning and practicing?

I just started my second StationX course and I learned that I will need to have 3 virtual machines on my computer to execute some modules of the course. My notebook is a Dell with 4GB of RAM, an i5-7200U Intel CPU and 1TB of HD space.
Is my hardware good enough for learning and practicing? Everytime I open VM with Kali it gets kinda slow, but is still usable, but when I saw I’d need several VMs I got worried that maybe my computer will not handle it.
If my notebook is not good enough, what are the specs I should aim for when buying a new one?
Thanks for your time!

4GB RAM is pretty low, I have 8GB and am still struggling as well. Linux machines are pretty ok to run multiple of them, but I can never run Win10 in parallel with kali. So if you have free slot consider getting more RAM. Or Nathan in one of his courses mentioned using aws cloud server as lab to run VM’s, but I can’t recall in which one it was.

Thank you for your reply! I’ll try that solutions right now :slight_smile:
Btw, in case I decide to buy a new computer what are the minimum requirements I need to run everything minimally smooth?

Main parameter is RAM. 16GB at least. Generally, more is better. Then I would also consider SSD for smoother run of VMs. Good GPU for better cracking abilities. There are people who can give much better advice in this topic, but as far as I discovered, better gaming pc equals being better pc for our needs.

Skynet, you have summarized my dilemma to a T, currently running 8gb of ram and looking to upgrade with an SSD as well. So far I’ve been able to run virtualbox VM’s well, but having a lot of trouble and problems with running VM workstation from microsoft! Renatolew, why don’t you tweak the memory settings on your VM’s, or run physically seperate computers with just a cheap desktop you pickup, if you need to run several VM’s at once. There also seem to be many light versions of some of the suggested virtual machines, such as whonix, kali and so on

I’ve decided to buy a new PC with 16gb of RAM and a decent CPU and SSD! Thank you all for your advices :smiley:

16 GB of ram is good enough to learn the game development. Mine is 8 GB ram, but still I get lagging while doing some heavy work.