ISO 27001 ISMS Project

Dear Sir,
I am not able to get resources of ISO 27001 to download.
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Sureshkumar N Pai

Hi @essenpai, which particular resources you are searching for?

Hi @Apurv-StationX @essenpai ,

Hope all is well.

Currently, I’m watching (reading) the ISO 27001:2013 Lead Implementer Course.

On video #13 i was expecting the attachment of a word file “ISMS Scope Document_v1.0”, but in vain. Its not even on Dropbox. Please advise.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Melchizedeck N.N

Also on:

  • video 23, i didn’t see the “competence sample document”
  • video 26, i didn’t see the “Survey Awareness document” that he shared on the screen (NB: I’m not referring to the Google form that was created)
  • video 31, i didn’t see the " ISMS Risk Management procedure document"
  • video 35, i didn’t see the " ISMS Risk Assessment and Mitigation Report document"
  • video 36, i didn’t see the " Risk Acceptance Form"
  • video 39, i didn’t see the updated “ISMS SOA document” (its not similar with the one on drop box)
  • video 42, i didn’t see the “IT ISMS Risk Assessment and mitigation report document”
  • video 45, i didn’t see the “NDA Sample document”
  • video 47, i didn’t see the “change request sample document”
  • video 50, i didn’t see the “ISMS Information Security Incident Report form”
  • video 50, i didn’t see the “Incident Register excel file”
  • video 53, i didn’t see the “ISMS Internal Audit report file”
  • video 63, I didn’t see the “Information Asset register file”
  • video 64, I didn’t see the “ISMS Control GAP Assessment file”