Isolated HDD, SSD, USB

What would be the best solution to completely isolate USB with encrypted Debian from other OS (Win7,10) on few devices both PC and laptop without leaving any fingerprints of booting that USB with Debian was sticked in?

If i boot from USB on any of few devices, for example, PC or laptop, they might have fingerprints or even worst-encrypted key from LUKS to enter USB with Debian stored in RAM if Windows 7-10 is used as main OS? I heard that cold-boot-attacks or other methods might extract and decrypt keys from RAM if second OS (Windows 7 and 10) is used on main HDD. Is it truth? So in my opinion, if Windows is installed as main OS and USB time-to-time with Debian boots from BIOS, then i have to remove hibernation file, swap file and setup script for emergency clean of RAM in Windows.

I guess there are few possibilities to extract such things: Belkasoft, Elcomsoft

I want to hide the presense of plugging USB with Debian and isolate possible leakage of keys been kept in RAM on PC with Windows 10 installed.

Can you please comment on maximum isolation of USB from PC?

Watch volume 4 on encryption. There isn’t much of a presence just what is in memory for a short time. You can wipe that my starting the machine again or wiping the memory at shutdown. Tails does this.